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Vacuum Assisted Self Priming Pump
With Perkins Engine

This is our high suction lift diesel dewatering pump. Max. suction lift can reach up to 8 meters with short priming time within 45s. Skid mounted base provides easy and secure transportation and storage to save cost. The intelligent control panel comes with direct digit control, remote operation control, etc. The automatic protection device will be triggered when the self priming pump works under abnormal conditions. Tell us your requirements, we’ll help with pump selection to ensure you find the right solution.

  • About Us

    Defu Machinery was co-founded by Shanghai Y&L Pump Factory and Jiangsu SELE Pump Factory. We are committed to development, production, sell, and maintenance of various types of pumps, self priming sewage pump, air operated diaphragm pump, centrifugal pump, fire pump, diesel engine driven pump, irrigation pump, and some others.
    More and more users choose our products, such as irrigation pump for Ministry of Agriculture Uganda, flood water pump for Government of Thailand, water drainage pump for open-pit coal mining in Indonesia and Guyana, ballast pump for SAIPEN company, underground drainage pump for using in Australia, and so on.